Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some of our Frequently Asked Questions answered below:


I placed an absentee bid for a live auction, when will I find out if my bid was successful?

Successful bidders will be contacted at the earliest possible time the first business day after the auction. Due to the sheer volume of lots and bids, unsuccessful bidders will not be contacted but may contact reception to confirm. Please note that sell prices will not be released.

Bidders will be notified of successful and unsuccessful absentee bids via an automated email. Successful bidders are required to contact the office to arrange payment. Collections times are outlined in the conditions of each auction. Please note that selling prices will not be released.

By when do I need to collect the goods I won at an auction?

Purchased items must be removed by no later than 4pm on the next business day following the auction (unless specifically advertised). Uncollected goods will incur a $50 storage fee per item per day. If you fail to pay the storage charge the lot may be resold to collect the monies owed.

Does Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers provide a delivery/ postal service?

It is the clients' responsibility alone to arrange pickup of any items purchased. Ross's does not have a delivery service or the facilities to process postal services.

The Online Wine Auctions are the exception. Wine purchased in the online wine auctions will be posted to the nominated address directly from the vendors' premises.

Can I authorise someone to pick up my goods on my behalf?

Buyers can either complete a form at Ross's reception or email to advise who is collecting on their behalf. The person collecting must have a copy of the invoice and provide photograph ID to collect. Goods will not be released without the permission of the buyer.

When will the auction catalogue be published?

For most of our traditional auctions the catalogue is published on our website the day before the auction. Unfortunately, items may be withdrawn at any time leading up to the auction. Whilst Ross's endeavors that this does not occur, it is often out of our control.

We thoroughly recommend that buyers who are travelling a large distance to attend an auction contact the auctioneer directly to ensure that the item is still available for auction.

What is Ross's Replacement & Return policy?

All items bought at auction are sold "as is". We offer inspection times for the customer to make an assessment and satisfy themselves to the condition of the item prior to bidding. There will be no refunds or returns offered for any items.

What times are Ross's Auctioneers & Valuers open and when can I come to collect my items?

Collection times are strictly between 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday at Welshpool and regional sites.

We do not allow pickups during Saturday's auctions and anyone attempting collection will be turned away Unless otherwise specified.

I have seen an item advertised I want to buy, can I buy it before it goes up for auction?

We do not sell out of auction. However, if you are at an auction and one item does not get sold, buyers may make an offer on a lot. This will be treated as a referral bid.

What happens with unsold lots after the auction?

Most items will be placed back into an upcoming auction, please contact reception to find out the next date of that auction category.

I'm not receiving email notifications on upcoming auctions. Is there a way I can change my settings?

Firstly, check your spam/ junk folder to make sure the emails aren't being sent there or being picked up as spam by any Anti-virus you have installed. You can also change your preferences in your member tools.

Online Auctions

I changed my mind or put a bid on the wrong lot. Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid is placed it is binding and cannot be cancelled, if an accidental bid is placed please contact the office and we will assist as much as we can. Please be careful when placing a bid online. Once you confirm a bid you are bound under the terms and conditions to purchase. Please ensure you check your bids during the confirmation process.

How does auto-bid work? Can I reduce my auto-bid?

Auto-bid works by entering the maximum amount of money you are prepared to pay for an item, the website bids on your behalf up to the declared maximum.

Example: Current Bid - $100, your auto-bid $500, new item value - $105 the auto bid will then bid in preset increments up to your maximum of $500 however you my win the item under your maximum bid.

Example 2: Current Bid - $100 your auto bid $500, Someone else's auto-bid $600, New item Value $ are no longer the highest bidder

Reducing an Auto bid - If an accidental auto bid is places you can reduce it to the next bid increment of an item

Example 3: Current Bid - $100, your auto bid is at $500. You can reduce this by placing another auto bid at $105.

Example 4: Current Bid - $100, your Auto-bid $503 another buyers auto-bid $502, New item Value $503.

What if my auto-bid is the same as someone else's?

priority will go to the first person to place the auto-bid.

What are the preset bidding increments?

$2 increment is from $2 - $50

$5 Increment is $50 - $200

$10 Increment is $200 - 500

$25 Increment is 500 - 1000

$50 Increment is $1,000 - $5,000

$100 Increment is $5,000 - $10,000

$250 Increment is $10,000 - 25,000

$500 Increment is $25,000 - $50,000

$1,000 Increment is $50,000 +

Why is the online bidding time extended when placing a bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction?

Our Online auctions feature an Anti-Snipe system. If a bid is placed with in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the timer is extended by 5 minutes until bidding stops. This system replicates attending a traditional auction, where the auctioneer keeps the bidding going until no further bids are offered.

Our goal is to ensure that buyers have a chance to respond to a counter bid and that our vendors' assets go to the highest bidder.

How do I pay for items I won in an online auction?

Ross's utilise an Automatic Payment Deduction System to streamline the payment process for our customers. Following the closing of each online auction, the winning bid for each lot will be automatically drawn from the bidders' nominated credit card linked to Ross's Premium membership. This charge will reflect the total invoice bill including the hammer price, buyer's premium, GST (if applicable), delivery fee and any other relevant charges specified in the conditions of the auction.

For all invoices above $2,000, a deposit of $1000 will automatically be deduced, the balance of the payment can may be made via your premium account in > member tools > invoices. Payment for these invoices may also be made in person at our Welshpool, Kalgoorlie or Karratha branches.

Why isn't my payment going through?

If your payment isn't automatically going through it may mean that your credit card details need to be updated - check card number, expiry date and fund on the card.

How do I pay my Invoices?

Log in to your Ross's Auctions Online Account, click Members tools > Invoices, all of your Online Auction Invoices should show here. Paid invoices will show up in Green and Unpaid will show up in Red. To pay an invoice click on the blue plus icon then click on the dollar sign icon, that will bring up a statement and payment options. Once a valid payment option is selected click make payment.

I placed an auto bid too high on an online auction. Am I able to rectify this?

Log back into your account click My Bids tab and enter "Edit Bid" on the lot in question, you will be able to set a lower new maximum bid amount.

i.e. you place a bid on a lot that is currently at $500, and instead of placing $525 you place $5,250 you will become the winning bidder at $525 for that lot. To rectify the auto bid amount, go back into the lot in question and place your maximum auto amount to $550 (this is the next allowable auto bid amount the system will take) place the bid and confirm. The system will re-set your maximum auto to $550. But still leave the bidding at a minimum amount of $525 for that lot to you until either you are out bided or end up winning the lot.

Please note once any bid is confirmed you are bound under the terms and conditions to purchase.


I haven't received my wine?

It can take 10-14 Business days to receive your wine. If it exceeds this time frame, please contact us on 08 9258 3037

With the Wine Deliveries which postcodes are classified as Metro?

6000, 6001, 6002, 6003, 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007, 6008, 6009, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6013, 6014, 6015, 6016, 6017, 6018, 6019, 6020, 6021, 6022, 6023, 6024, 6025, 6026, 6027, 6028, 6029, 6030, 6031, 6032, 6033, 6034, 6035, 6036, 6037, 6038, 6039, 6040, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6044, 6045, 6046, 6047, 6048, 6049, 6050, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6054, 6055, 6056, 6057, 6058, 6059, 6060, 6061, 6062, 6063, 6064, 6065, 6066, 6067, 6068, 6069, 6070, 6071, 6072, 6073, 6074, 6075, 6076, 6077, 6078, 6079, 6080, 6081, 6082, 6083, 6084, 6085, 6086, 6087, 6088, 6089, 6090, 6091, 6092, 6093, 6094, 6095, 6096, 6097, 6098, 6099, 6100, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6104, 6105, 6106, 6107, 6108, 6109, 6110, 6111, 6112, 6113, 6114, 6115, 6116, 6117, 6118, 6119, 6120, 6121, 6122, 6123, 6124, 6125, 6126, 6127, 6128, 6129, 6130, 6131, 6132, 6133, 6134, 6135, 6136, 6137, 6138, 6139, 6140, 6141, 6142, 6143, 6144, 6145, 6146, 6147, 6148, 6149, 6150, 6151, 6152, 6153, 6154, 6155, 6156, 6157, 6158, 6159, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6163, 6164, 6165, 6166, 6167, 6168, 6169, 6170, 6171, 6172, 6173, 6174, 6175, 6176, 6177, 6178, 6179, 6180, 6181, 6182, 6183, 6184, 6185, 6186, 6187, 6188, 6189, 6190, 6191, 6192, 6193, 6194, 6195, 6196, 6197, 6198, 6199, 6800, 6801, 6802, 6803, 6804, 6805, 6806, 6807, 6808, 6809, 6810, 6811, 6812, 6813, 6814, 6815, 6816, 6817, 6818, 6819, 6820, 6821, 6822, 6823, 6824, 6825, 6826, 6827, 6828, 6829, 6830, 6831, 6832, 6833, 6834, 6835, 6836, 6837, 6838, 6839, 6840, 6841, 6842, 6843, 6844, 6845, 6846, 6847, 6848, 6849, 6850, 6851, 6852, 6853, 6854, 6855, 6856, 6857, 6858, 6859, 6860, 6861, 6862, 6863, 6864, 6865, 6866, 6867, 6868, 6869, 6870, 6871, 6872, 6873, 6874, 6875, 6876, 6877, 6878, 6879, 6880, 6881, 6882, 6883, 6884, 6885, 6886, 6887, 6888, 6889, 6890, 6891, 6892, 6893, 6894, 6895, 6896, 6897, 6898, 6899, 6900, 6901, 6902, 6903, 6904, 6905, 6906, 6907, 6908, 6909, 6910, 6911, 6912, 6913, 6914, 6915, 6916, 6917, 6918, 6919, 6920, 6921, 6922, 6923, 6924, 6925, 6926, 6927, 6928, 6929, 6930, 6931, 6932, 6933, 6934, 6935, 6936, 6937, 6938, 6939, 6940, 6941, 6942, 6943, 6944, 6945, 6946, 6947, 6948, 6949, 6950, 6951, 6952, 6953, 6954, 6955, 6956, 6957, 6958, 6959, 6960, 6961, 6962, 6963, 6964, 6965, 6966, 6967, 6968, 6969, 6970, 6971, 6972, 6973, 6974, 6975, 6976, 6977, 6978, 6979, 6980, 6981, 6982, 6983, 6984, 6985, 6986, 6987, 6988, 6989, 6990, 6991, 6992, 6993, 6994, 6995, 6996, 6997, 6998, 6999

Premium Account

What is a Premium Account?

A premium account enables our subscribers to have full access to our website features. This includes

  • access to participate in our Online Auctions
  • ability to submit absentee bids for Live Auctions
  • setup SMS reminders for Online and Live Auctions
How do I become a Premium Member?

If you are already a Basic Member to become a Premium Member you need to update your details with a valid credit card, Phone Number, Address and Driver's License Number

To do this head over to Member Tools then click update my details. Premium membership is free!

What is an SMS reminder?

The SMS reminder is a simply sends a SMS reminder message to your nominated mobile phone about the upcoming auction or tender you were interested in. You can activate the SMS reminder by clicking the "Remind Me" button on the auction specific information page.

Do SMS Reminders cost me anything?

No SMS Reminders are free.

Basic Account

This basic account allows registered members to access to our early notification system for all types of auctions including Online Auctions, Live Auctions and Tenders. The notification system is free and an email is sent to your registered email. You can opt in and opt out at any time you wish simply by logging in and accessing your member tools area. Simply tick which auction notifications you wish to receive.

Can I place absentee bids in live auction with my basic account?

No, a premium account is required to access this service.

Can I receive notification about upcoming live auctions, online auctions and tenders?

Yes, you will receive notifications on your chosen categories. To change email notifications, go into Member Tools > Update my details.

Can I remain a basic member without having to upgrade?

Yes, this service will never incur a fee unless you decide to upgrade to our premium service.

Why Sell my Goods at Auction?

Auctions are the most unique and valuable way of selling almost any type of asset or property.

Some of the most popular auctions are those that involve machinery items, furniture or computers. Ross's Auctions offer such a diverse range of auctions: vehicles, catering equipment, industrial and mining equipment, electronics, paint, etc.

The Value of Selling at Auction

So how can auctions benefit you, as a seller? Why are they the best way to sell property? Well, there are many reasons

  • Speedy Process, Quick Turnaround.

An auction is immediate. It happens during a set time and is completed during that time. It's quick and efficient.

When people bid, they make a commitment to buy the property at that price without discussion or debate.

  • You Set the Time and Place of Your Sale.

It's as simple as that. You work with Ross's to schedule what works best for you. Options can include traditional auctions at Ross's sites, onsite or online. Your Ross's Auctioneer can work with you to find the best option.

  • Comprehensive Marketing of Your Equipment.

Part of conducting an auction is marketing to get as many people to attend, or bid online, as possible. Ross's have comprehensive mailing lists, run advertisements, distribute fliers and more.

  • Exciting Atmosphere.

An auction is an exciting atmosphere. Crowds of people competing for property, combined with that lively auction chant makes for some great entertainment and fun. People mostly come to an auction to buy and bid

  • Auctions Work Well in Both Good and Bad Economic Times.

People love auctions because they love sales. Statistics show that in a good or bad economy auctions remain a steady force. When the economy is slumped, the auction industry does not feel the impact: people still flock to auctions.


Surplus equipment to sell? Contact us today for prompt sales advice.

General Equipment

For general sales enquiries, please contact our office by telephone: (08) 9272 4644 or email:

Mining closures

Please contact Frank Lee ph: 0411 649 601 or email:

Computer & I.T

If you have equipment that you are looking at selling, please contact Kevin Grickage email:

Plant and Equipment

If you are looking at selling this equipment please contact Kevin Grickage ph: 0411 649 603 or email:

Catering & Hotel Equipment / Closures

For a confidential and professional assessment of your surplus assets, please contact Craig Edwards ph: 0411 649 604 or email:

Administration / Liquidation

If you have equipment that you are looking at selling, please contact Frank Lee email:

Insurance Claim Items / Loss Adjustors

For a confidential and professional assessment, please contact Matthew Kalinski ph: 0418 488 011 or email:

Scrap Metal

C.D. Dodd Scrap Metal Recyclers are one of the leading scrap metal recycling companies in Australia. They have over 50 years of experience, with plants in Perth and Kalgoorlie, plus representation in the South-West and Pilbara, and a mobile plant with equipment able to service the most remote parts of the State.

Their capabilities extend from industrial/commercial scrap metal and salvage recycling to mine-site demolition/clean-up, and marine salvage. They service a broad local, national and international client base with an impeccable safety record in accordance with all Government and private Acts and

We welcome all enquiries regarding the remarketing of your surplus assets.



Please read on for some valuable information on our auction services, we have answers to some of the most common questions. Become a Ross's auction member today and never miss an auction!

Did you see something a friend might like? Simply click the "Tell a Friend" icon next to the Auction.

You will find many useful links and tools on the menu bar on each side of this page.

Auction Registration

An auction is a public sale at which buyers make bids. No bid can be accepted unless the bidder is registered and has a buyer's number. Registration is performed at the auction office. Simply fill in the form provided and you will receive a buyer's number for that auction.


When you wish to bid, signal in an obvious way to the auctioneer. Holding up your buyer's number is the most visible and reliable method. If you wish to cease bidding indicate again in a definite manner, i.e. Shake your head.

Ross's Auctions experienced auctioneers can differentiate between voluntary and unconscious movements. If your bid is successful hold up your buyer's number so that the auctioneer or clerk can read it clearly and record your purchase.

Absentee Bidding

Ross's Sales and Auctions provide an Absentee Bid Service for all our auctions.

  1. fill in an absentee bid form, then hand the form to the office staff. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf. Contact our office within 24 hours after the sale to see if you were successful. All normal conditions of sale apply to absentee bids.
  2. Make an absentee bid online next to the lot you are bidding on

TIP: If you are not sure what something is worth, ask our staff, they will help you by giving you an estimate on what they think an item will achieve at auction. If in doubt attend some of our auctions to assess for yourself the value of items offered.


This is when you can inspect the items for auction and assess the condition, value and quality to assist you in your decision making. Failure to inspect items may lead to disappointment. Inspection is usually, check auction page for full details.

  1. Live auctions - Please check the information panel for each auction. Inspections are held prior to the auction commencement.
  2. Online auctions - Please check the information panel for each auction. Inspections are held prior to the auction closing time.

Catalogues for our live auctions are available on Inspection day/s and also available on the Auction day, Catalogues can also be downloaded/ printed from our web-site

Catalogues for online auctions can be found on the website.

Multiple Items at Live Auctions

If a lot has more than one item listed, the highest bidder for that lot will usually have the option to take one or as many as they require, the under bidders can then purchase the items at the price stated by the auctioneer. Bidders are given the first opportunity to purchase the remaining lots, if you do not bid you may miss out.

Payment of Accounts

Cash, Bank Cheque, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit or when approved Credit Card (Master Card or Visa). A deposit of twenty per cent should be paid on the day and all accounts should be settled within 24 hours.

Account Details:

Ross's Sales & Auctions

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account No.: 1183 2725

BSB No.: 066 000

Once monies are deposited, receipts from the Bank should be emailed to

The original receipt must be presented when collecting items. If you have arranged for couriers to remove your items, you must ensure they have your original receipt.

Nearby Banks / ATMs
  • Westpac / Challenge: Westfield Carousel Cannington
  • Bank West: Shop 92, 227 Belmont Ave Cloverdale
  • ANZ: 193 Wright Street Cloverdale
  • Commonwealth: Shop G 039 Belmont Forum, 227 Belmont Ave Cloverdale
Buyer's Premium

This is a commission paid on the knockdown price of any lot purchased. The premium is added to your invoice but shown separately.

Referred Bids

If bidding does not reach the value the vendor is seeking, the auctioneer may refer the highest bid. Should your bid be referred please check at the auction office to see if your bid was successful.

Forthcoming Auctions

All forthcoming auctions are listed on our web site: You can also keep up to date by joining our e-mail list on the web site.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The catalogue for each auction will state if the auction is GST inclusive or exclusive. Inclusive auctions include GST in the knockdown price, exclusive auction have the GST added to the knockdown price.

Occupational Safety & Health Obligations
  1. The legislation imposes obligations, such as providing and maintaining a safe work environment and preventing exposure to and protection from hazards on persons who use or operate plant in a workplace and on employers whose employees use or operate plant. If the buyer intends to use plant purchased at this auction, at a workplace then it is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform themselves of these obligations.
  2. Unless otherwise stated the plant sold at this auction has not been assessed or inspected by a competent person and it may or may not be affected by faults or defects, which make it unsafe for use. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure assessment and inspection by a competent person.
  3. The Buyer is warned that items not previously assessed or inspected by a competent person may be suitable for scrap or spare parts only.
  4. The Legislation requires that owners of plant maintain safety and health information and records. The Auctioneers will pass on to the buyer all information made available to them by the owner, but the auctioneer does not warrant that the information and records are complete and accurate. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to familiarise themselves with all relevant information and records.

If you have a question, our staff are happy to assist, just ask.

Please note: Whilst this information is prepared as a guide for intending auction participants Some aspects covered may vary depending on the auction

GST and Buyers

Since Saturday 1st July 2000, the Goods and Services Tax ("GST") has been in effect.

This document has been written to assist you in understanding how the GST may affect your auction purchases. This is intended as a guide only, for further clarification on the GST and its effect on you, please contact the Australian Taxation Office.

Does the knockdown price include GST?

Auctions may be conducted on either a GST 'inclusive' of the hammer price or an 'exclusive' of the hammer price basis. This will depend on the type of auction being held and will be stated in the auction catalogues.

GST 'inclusive' (of the hammer price) auctions have the GST included in the 'hammer' price.

Example: Hammer Price = $100 + Buyers Premium (10%) = $110 (including GST)

GST 'exclusive' (of the hammer price) auctions have the GST added to the 'hammer' price.

Example: Hammer Price = $100 + Buyers Premium (10%) = $110 + GST (10%) = $121(including GST)

When does GST apply?

Whether GST is applicable on the sale will depend on the status of the vendor. A registered vendor will be required to charge GST regardless of the status of the purchaser. An unregistered vendor will not be required to charge GST.

It is to be noted that if the vendor is registered for GST, all items sold on their behalf will have GST apply.

GST registered vendors are noted in the printed auction catalogues and on your invoice with a (*).

Is GST charged on the buyer's Premium?

GST 'inclusive' auctions will include GST in the buyer's premium. GST 'exclusive' auctions have GST added to the buyer's premium.

I am going to re-sell the item I bought at auction, can I claim back the GST I have paid?

Your GST Status will determine whether you will be able to claim an input tax credit for any GST charged on the supply of the item. A registered purchaser may be entitled to a full input tax credit on goods purchased from both registered and unregistered suppliers due to the special provisions relating to second hand goods.

The input tax credit can be claimed by the purchaser as follows:

If the payment is more than $300 the credit cannot be claimed until the purchaser subsequently sells the second-hand goods and charges GST on the sale. In this circumstance, the credit is also attributed to the period in which payment (or part thereof) was received, or when a tax invoice was issued, whichever is the earlier. The input tax credit is 1/11th of the amount paid for the second-hand goods.

Can I claim back the GST I paid at auction?

If a registered purchaser pays GST on goods and services acquired for their business enterprise, they will generally be entitled to an input tax credit. Please consult your tax advisor for further information on input tax credits.

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